Carrom Game And Its Standardized Rules And Regulat

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Carrom Game And Its Standardized Rules And Regulat

Any game without rules and regulations is like a road with many ends and no one can know the proper way, similarly in carrom game, there are some standardized rules and regulations available. These rules and regulations are generally governed by ICF, which is called as (international carrom federation). This organization frames the rules and also they conduct tournaments, award prizes and rank the players.

Standardized rules and regulations

* In a carrom game maximum of four members can play. To play a successful game the players have to follow the necessary rules and regulations.

* The players need to select their coins or pieces and they need to select either white or black. This selection is done by either tossing the coin or by means of calling the C/m.

* In doubles, the pair winning the toss shall have the option as above.

* If, however, break is chosen by the winner of the toss, the choice of side shall lie with the losers, and the winner shall have to sit first.

* This order of sitting shall continue throughout the match and once the losers sat sit down, they cannot interchange their position.

* After the toss, there shall be two trial boards and it is one for each player or pair.

* The carrom men should be placed in such a way that the queen (red coin) lies in the center and the white coins form a "Y" in display.

* To break up the opening array of disks, before the turn passes to the second player, the first player gets three chances.

* To win in carrom, the players must conceal the queen by striking the queen into a corner pocket before immediately striking one of their own pieces into a pocket

* If the player shoots all the carrom mens into corner pockets before the opponent does, then the one who finishes first win the game. The score is calculated by counting the discs of the opponent left on the board.

* According to the carrom laws, as long as a player pockets his own carrom mens and Queen, his turn shall continue or else the chance will pass to the opponent.

The points are calculated as follows

i) Queen: 3points upto and including 21points.

ii) 1 points each for carrom mens.

* In one board, the players can score only 12 as the maximum points and the penalty shall be automatically written off.

* In this game, two fouls are there and any violation committed by the player before their first stroke is considered as technical foul. The violation committed after the first stroke is considered as foul.

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