How Much Money Can Help You Power Game Faster In T

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How Much Money Can Help You Power Game Faster In T

Tibia players often careful the important it is how to be rich and what advantages having tibia money can gain in the game. Having lots of gold means lots of advantages. Being rich and having a lot of money means more power, better equipment and more runes.

Let's take your equipment for example. Being able to buy expensive and strong equipment will gain you the advantage of not wasting as much ultimate healing runes whilst on your hunts, as you would if you had poor equipment.. Having a better attack weapon will help you kill tibia creatures faster, again wasting less UH's.

But how much money can help you power game faster ?

Having money is the most important for power gaming. Why? More fun hunts, better loot and of course faster experience. Let's take a sorcerer as an example. A level 60 Master Sorcerer can hunt rotworms for hours upon end. He/She will advance from level 60 to level 61 in possibly 12 hours of hunting. The Sorcerer will make a nice profit on gold (around 10k gp) and not waste any runes. They will also be able to make approximately one backpack of sudden death runes. However the exhaustion of this hunt and boredom is enough to send anybody crazy.

Now if the same level 60 sorcerer was extremely rich and lots of money. They could take a few hundred backpacks of Heavy Magic Missiles and 20 Backpacks of Manas to the Hydra spawn or Dragon Lords. The Sorcerer can then ask a friend (knight) to block the hydras and pay for all of the Knights Ultimate healing runes and make the agreement that the Sorcerer gets to keep all the loot. If the Sorcerer was then to hunt for 12 hours, constantly killing Hydras they could (providing the respawn was good) advance to level 65.

The more ways to make tibia gold than loot bags .

Many tibia players are in need of more cash, especially fair players. Although making lootbags is probably the very best method of getting large amounts of cash - it is definitely not the most fun. In this section we have lots of how to's and guides to make tibia money in more ways than just lootbagging!