How To Become A Video Game Tester For Xbox 360

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How To Become A Video Game Tester For Xbox 360

Are you looking for more information on how to become a video game tester for Xbox 360 ? You have come to the right place because I will show how you can actually become a video game tester for Xbox 360. The video game testing job does not require any background experience, as long as you enjoy playing video game you can apply for the job with Microsoft. The job is usually open to people in United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Not many people understand how to go for the first step. You need to know where to look for open jobs. Microsoft does not listed their video game testing job vacancy on any website nor others medias. They normally get new individual from someone they know or referred from their employees. I am going to tell you that the information with a list of hundred of gaming companies with open vacancies can be found at Gamer Testing Ground.

As you may already know or experience the 3-red-rings of death. Xbox 360 does occur many problems to game developers and gamers. So they inquiry many video game testers to test games for Xbox 360 to solve the issue but as mentioned earlier the game tester for Xbox 360 does not need any background experience nor programming skill. If you are a big fan of Xbox 360 and enjoy playing video game I can see no reason why you should miss this great opportunity.

Gamer Testing Ground has all the available information that you need to become a video game tester for Xbox 360 successfully.

Some Game Testing Site are Scams. I will show you how to get a game testing job that you always want and avoid being scammed. Do not join any game testing site until you have read this. Game Testing Guide

Let me show you how to successfully become a game tester.