How To Get A Xbox 360 Game Testing Jobs

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How To Get A Xbox 360 Game Testing Jobs

Getting a Xbox 360 game testing jobs is easy if you know where to look. You can really become a video game tester and get paid to test play games on Xbox 360 at home at your own pace and earn up to $150+ per hour. Gamer Testing Ground has all the information you need to know in order to get the Xbox 360 game testing jobs.

Gamer Testing Ground is a membership based program that show how you can become a Xbox 360 game tester and get paid to earn as much as $150+ per hour. Since Microsoft is dealing with compliant regarding the 3-red-rings of death from their customers. They are looking for a way to solve this issue as soon as possible. So they are hiring more Xbox 360 game testers to test every newly pre-release video games to make sure they don't cause any system error to the console and trying to figure out what cause the 3-red-rings of death.

Getting a Xbox 360 video game testing job does not require any background experience in computer or game programming as long as you enjoy playing video game on Xbox 360 you are eligible to become a game tester for Microsoft. Xbox 360 game tester is a profitable job in fact you can make a living solely from testing video game on your Xbox 360 at home.

For more information about Microsoft Xbox 360 video game testing job you can check it out at Gamer Testing Ground.

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