How To Own 50 Wii Games With 50 Bucks

How To Own 50 Wii Games With 50 Bucks

What can 50 bucks bring you normally? Yap, 2 new Wii discs. What we are gonna do here is to guide you through how to own 50 Wii games with the same price as we spend for purchasing 2 Games from store. Well, it sounds like a mission impossible, but, I have to declare to all of you Guys, this is not a trick at all. Learning my idea with your individual wit, and I believe you will be able to spend less time and get more than me. So take a look at this:

what 50 bucks is for?

Actually you can only spend 30 bucks to achieve that, but it's a little bit rough in time and energy spending when you are trying to save the 20 bucks. In my thought, it would be definitely worth to spend 20 bucks more rather than the hazel accrued afterward.

Advance Preparation

1.A 3.4 or lower system version Wii console. If you have already updated your Wii to 4.0 system and didn't have it unlocked beforehand, then my article will not do you any favor, Because recently there is no way to play the backup Games with the 4.0 system.

2.A PayPal account. One of the following steps required to be paid on line.

3.A piece of SD card (better bigger than 2G , I thought everyone would have one when their Wii was purchased)

4.A Portable USB hard drive or any USB portable device (The bigger the better. We plan to store 50 games on it, 3.5 G per game on the average. Now you can see how big would be enough for it?)

If everything is in the right place, then we can get started here right now.

Step 1 "Unlock the console"

The cost: zero -30 bucks

One thing to make clear that we don't mean to really own 50 genuine copies of Wii Games, you can play those Games whenever we want. To play the backup Games, you will need to have some modification for your Wii. Thanks for the hackers, we don't have to make any mod chip to the Wii.

You can also download the free Wii unlocking applications simply by clicking the search engine, and unlock the console by yourselves. However, to install the soft mod chip is not an easy job, and the faulty operation may cause the Wii bricking, what's more, they all claim that "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK". In my opinion, it is not worth to take the risk at this stage by saving such money. You can easily find some paid software to sort those problems out easily. Several of paid unlocking softwares are there on the market, and they do the same jobs and almost being sold for the fair price. Those things can be downloaded directly from the website after you paid with PayPal. In order to simplify the process in Step 2, we suggest you to choose the one with USB Hard drive playing Feature. Here is the one I commend:

Step 2 "Install the USB loader"

The cost: Nothing

You have already unlocked the Wii, all the backup discs can be played on your console now, so how can we own those Games? Now remember the USB loader we mentioned in Step 1? We need to install this to our console.

More importantly, the Wii USB loader allows us to play Games without the Discs, this no-disc-playing doesn't require booting from the disc when you were beginning to play a Game, but unfortunately, not the case for the XBOX.

Step 3 "Games for once only using as installing"

The cost: -

As you know from step 2, to install the USB loader is the key to achieve our goal, because it successfully manages to accomplish no-disc-playing and also save the hazel.

There are two ways to install the Games to your USB Hard drive:

A. Install the ISO files to the HD through your PC system (Windows Xp, Vista or Lunix). Those files can't be installed to the Wii form disk with the normal windows operations, like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. We need a special tool to achieve the process on PC system, the Software I commend in the end of Step 1 has included all of this.

B.Install the Game Discs from your Wii's CDROM. Both backup and authorized CD could be installed in hard drive through CDROM by a specific function of USB loader.

Step 4 "Where do I get access to those Wii Games?"

The cost: Zero-20 bucks

Once we can draw out the backup Games straight from the USB hard drive, what would be the problem when we wanted to own 50 Wii Games or more?-lol

According to the 2 ways of installing the Games to your USB HD, we have quite a lot of ways to get access to them. All I can do is to give you some ideas, I believe you will take actions, and choose the most suitable way for yourselves, won't you?

1.Download from internet (Cost: free)

The resource is easy to find. I highly recommend you to use Emule or Bit Torrent to download those Game ISOs. There are thousands of BitTorrent search engine site out there. is one of the best.

2.Game Rentals (Cost: 8-22.5 bucks)

Don't know if blockbuster provides Game Rentals service in your country, but you usually can get out 1-5 games in once service from the Game rental stores. If the rent of tends to be the average price, you will pay about $13 for a 2 Game Discs out plan for 1 month.

1 month is long enough to rent more than 50 Game Discs. Installing a Game to your USB HD only spends your 5mins, and then you will no longer need the Disc. Just go and rent the new one.

3.Swap with others (Cost: free)

A friend of mine often swaps her old Games through some online transaction agents. I think it's another good way to gain more Games. However, if you do the transaction with who is from another city, then you will need to pay for the freight.

For those new releases which can't get any resource from, you can just purchase them from shop and share the cost with your friends. One disc for multi-playing, each one of you won't be required to pay too much.


Step 1

The cost: Zero -30 bucks


Step 2

The cost: Nothing


Step 3

The cost: -


Step 4

The cost: Zero-20 bucks

= $0-$50 in Total

Mission completed!

Some part of this writing are not that good, I'll buy some time to have it revised. Thank you for reading.

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